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Your search for an honest, reliable asphalt paving contractor ends here at Riley’s Asphalt. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial asphalt & concrete services to meet your needs. Our company is built on honesty & integrity since we began. You can rest well knowing that Riley’s Asphalt is taking care of your asphalt driveway, asphalt parking lot, or any concrete services you may need.

Do not hesitate, pick up the phone and dial 512-762-3982 to get in touch with Riley’s Asphalt. Free estimates are available no matter the size of the job. We travel any distance for jobs, and service all cities around New Braunfels TX with asphalt paving & concrete services.

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Trust Riley's Asphalt for your asphalt contractor TX needs. In business for 40 years.

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Our team has the equipment and know-how to complete any asphalt paving job no matter the size or distance.

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Concrete Services

Concrete is durable and an affordable option; it can be used on nearly any surface on the exterior of your property.

Exceptional Concrete Work

Quality concrete services are just a phone call away at Riley’s Asphalt. We have experienced contractors for driveways, patios, and more.

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Our workers are skilled & efficient when it comes to excavating for a project.

Safe & Effective Demolition Services

Call Riley’s Asphalt today for a quote on your excavating project. Let our team & specialized equipment handle the workload on your next project.

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Sealcoating helps your surfaces withstand wear and tear from the elements of everyday exposure.

Residential & Commercial Sealcoating

Quality workmanship and a commitment to customer service are our focuses here at Riley’s Asphalt. Contact us today for a free quote on your sealcoating job.

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Asphalt Paving Contractor Universal City TX

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Does your paving crack you up, but not in a good way? Cracked asphalt looks bad, but it can also be something of a safety risk. It’s also something that will never get better on its own. The good news, however, is that if you catch it in time, a little asphalt repair may be all that you need.

Asphalt Paving Contractor Universal City TX

As the premier asphalt paving contractor Universal City TX, we’ll be able to tell you what options you have and give you a fair quote as well.

Asphalt Driveway Paving & Chip Seal 

An asphalt driveway is a good investment. It is less expensive and faster to lay than bricks and provides a smoother surface. You should get a good thirty years out of it if conditions are right and it was laid properly in the first place.

This long lifespan can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s good because it means that you are only going to need to get it done once or twice in your lifetime at your family home. Where it can become tiresome, however, is that can become boring.

It will fade in color over time and, while it is still perfectly solid, it might lose that crisp, clean look. This could prompt you to have it redone before you technically should but, hey, it’s your home, and you have to be happy with it. A makeover can make a place seem like new again.

So, whether you want your drive to get a whole new look, or just some much-needed repairs, get us in to look at it.

Parking Lot Paving

Parking lot paving has to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. People driving in and out of the lot, delivery trucks, and even people walking to and from their cars. It’s a very high traffic area.

Which means that it’s going to need to be resurfaced on a more regular basis that your typical driveway would. Safety and liability must be considered here as well. You don’t want your company to be sued because someone tripped on some cracked tar outside.

We will ensure that the surface is even and apply a specialist chip and tar coating to help the protect the surface against the elements and make it harder to damage. 

Striping & Marking Asphalt

Sometimes you just need some plain asphalt laid down. Like for your drive. Sometimes you need something with markings on it. Like when you are setting up a basketball hoop or need to pave over that muddy farm road.

With our experience in the paving industry, we have especial expertise when it comes to marking of asphalt. Whether you need a median line down the middle of the road, or a small baseball court marked out, we have you covered.

Give us a call today and find out how our friendly staff can find a solution for you. We make you two promises – We will give you the best service and a fair price.

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We believe that a company is worthless without proper values. Our business is built on integrity & honesty, so you can be confident that your asphalt project is in good hands with Riley’s Asphalt.

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