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Riley’s Asphalt offers residential, commercial, and industrial paving applications. From asphalt to concrete, to Chip Seal, we can do it all. No job is too big or too small for Riley’s Asphalt right here in New Braunfels TX. Call 512-762-3982 to speak with us today.

Professional asphalt and concrete paving is just a phone call away. Trust Riley’s Asphalt with your driveway, parking lot, apartment lot, commercial lot, or any other asphalt or concrete application. We also do chip seal. Call 512-762-3982 now to schedule your free estimate.

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Asphalt Paving Company – Driveways, Parking Lots and Asphalt Surfaces

At Riley’s Asphalt in New Braunfels, Texas, we offer the highest quality commercial and residential asphalt paving services. When you have cement or gravel pathways, parking lots and driveways, the items don’t last. In addition, gravel can damage your vehicle’s tires and paint. The moisture from rain, ice or snow won’t run off of the gravel, and the cement materials may begin to crack. However, asphalt is a longer lasting material that expands and contracts slightly as the temperature changes.

Should You Use Asphalt For Your Driveway?

You may want to add an asphalt surface to your property because you need additional space for parking vehicles or because you want to make it easier for customers to walk to the doorway of a building. Asphalt is made in a specialized way, using aggregate materials such as a combination of stones in a variety of sizes. This material is a gooey petroleum-based black liquid that will dry on surfaces.

The Application Of Asphalt Is Complex

The application of asphalt is complex because our technicians must mix it correctly before smoothing it quickly onto the surfaces. During this process, it is essential to avoid air bubbles that will lead to peeling or holes. The majority of asphalt mixtures are composed of aggregates while only approximately 5 percent of the material is liquid asphalt that will dry on a surface.

Asphalt Installations At New and Older Properties

If you are building a new home or business, then our team of technicians can help you design the best asphalt surfaces for a property. It is essential to create driveways, parking lots and pathways that aren’t covering sewer lines. We must also apply for permits to add asphalt surfaces to residential or commercial properties. When you already have asphalt surfaces on a property, we can complete repairs to the materials.

Have Asphalt Surfaces Coated With Sealants

In some cases, the asphalt materials on a property have never been coated with sealants to protect the surfaces from the damages of dripping oil or fluids from vehicles. It is also possible for the sealants to wear away over many years or from problems such as a flood. Customers can contact our company to have asphalt surfaces repaired and sealed to protect the materials from additional damages. Contact Riley’s Asphalt today at 512-766-3982 to learn more about our asphalt repair and installation services.

Other Solutions For Your Driveway

In addition to asphalt driveways, we can also give you an estimate for a concrete paved surface, or a chip seal surface. Get in touch with Riley’s Asphalt today at 512-762-3982 and we can have your driveway restored to brand new.