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Chip And Tar Coating

Most people do not know about chip and tar coating. This method is also known as tar and chip, sprayed seal, and surface dressing. This is created by spraying a thin layer of asphalt on an already paved surface, then layering a finely graded stone on top of it, and finally rolling it smooth. In newer methods, asphalt emulsion, which is used in sealcoating, is used in place of actual asphalt.

This is a great option for sealing asphalt, keeping out water. It also is smoother than patching to repair cracks. While this is a very cost effective method of maintaining driveways and parking lots, it does increase the noise due to the small stones. Additionally, if excess loose stones are not removed effectively, they can become a hazard, causing chipped windshields, chipped paint, and more.

Chip and tar coating can be used as an alternative to actually paving a driveway as well. The cost for this type of driveway is generally 30-50 percent less expensive than the traditional asphalt option. In addition, there is not regular maintenance required, as sealing is not required like it is with asphalt. However, keep in mind the life expectancy of this type of driveway is only seven to ten years, compared to 25 years or more with asphalt.

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