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Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to making your parking lot, many business owners and real estate developers fail to see how important the parking lot is to the success of a business. Consumers expect to see a well-maintained parking lot, free of holes and debris that may damage their vehicles. That is why maintaining your parking lot is so important.

There are three primary options for parking lot paving. In rural settings, a dirt or gravel parking lot may suffice. However, in most cases, consumers want to see some form of pavement. The two most widely used methods of paving are asphalt and concrete. Of these two, the less expensive of the two is asphalt.

However, initial costs are not the only reason to consider asphalt. The longer-term costs are also lower when it is properly installed and maintained. What does it take to make an asphalt driveway successful? There are really four primary things to consider.

A good base.Good drainage. An eye for detail.Smooth joining to current pavement.

  1. A good base. You have heard it said that a building is only as good as its foundation. The same is true for parking lots. If you do not have a good gravel base, the whole thing will crumble under the weight of the vehicles that will drive over and park on it.
  2. Good drainage. When you do not have good drainage, water will collect on your parking lot. It will also cause early wear, meaning you will need early maintenance and the overall life will be shorter.
  3. An eye for detail. It is important to get the asphalt set correctly while it is still fresh and hot. This means not only rolling it to ensure it is smooth and flat, but also that the edges are clean and sharp. This is how you ensure the longest life, and greatest impact from a fresh parking lot.
  4. Smooth joining to current pavement. Whether you are expanding a current parking lot, or are adjoining it to the roadway, ensuring a smooth transition is important to getting the right life out of the paving project, as well as creating a good experience for the motorists traveling over the new joint.